September Theme Day: People Watching

Learning to Skate

I love watching these kids learn to skate in Quen Cheng Square, Downtown.

The moms love watching too.

September’s theme is people watching a great activity anywhere, but especially in China were there’s such diversity of clothes and, for me, culture.

As there’s some difficulties with the City Daily Photo portal, you can see the entries for this theme on Facebook, on the CDP Page.

A Few Examples of People Watching:

Light Show

Every night at 8pm in Quencheng Square, Jinan has a light show around the central fountain. As the colored water dazzles, music plays. It’s free and quite festive. I wish we had these in my hometown.

Throughout the square people are dancing, roller blading, flying kites with electric lights, and practicing badminton and martial arts. The square is the place to be when it gets dark.