My Thanksgiving Dinner


A fraction of the dessert choices from Thanksgiving dinner. The Hyatt offered a Thanksgiving feast in Jinan. In addition to the food on this plate, there was an abundance of choices: seafood, cheese, salad, sushi, pizza, hamburger, turkey, cranberry, pumpkin-potato mash with truffle oil, lamb, steak, rabbit, hotpot, Guangzhou barbecue chicken, corn, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, red and green, and even more desserts.


As we approach Autumn Festival, store after store is plying holiday mooncakes to their customers. They can be like mini fruitcakes, i.e. not that welcome, but I’ve found a few that are tasty. It’s all a matter of what’s inside and the secret is not to eat the whole thing, just say a quarter of one. You can buy them for 4 – 8 rmb each or in fancy gift sets.