This is a good day. Fewer students are sleeping through class than usual. I do wake them, but I wanted to document the behavior first. Hope they stay up for tomorrow’s midterm.


3 thoughts on “Asleep

  1. I HATED waking up students. I could barely bring myself to do it knowing the incredible amount of work, competition, and pressure they were often facing. My own stupid teaching paled in comparison to everything else they were working on, and it was hard for me to look them in the eyes and in all seriousness tell them that MY class was the most important thing they should be paying attention to at the moment. I had a lot of difficulties teaching…… but I still miss it SO much!

  2. @ Aelish, interesting perspective. My students really aren’t in a competitive program and they’re done with the rigors of entrance tests. I could see the zombie-effect lasting a year after those college entrance tests though.

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